The SNAP Challenge


End Hunger GamesSNAP Challenge Guidelines


  1. For five days, spend no more than $4.20 per person per day ( the NC daily allowance for SNAP ) on the food you eat.
    1. You may prorate items you purchase but do use it all and can use the remainder later.
    2. Using salt, pepper and basic supplies you keep on hand does not count against your total expenses UNLESS you were out and had to purchase more.
    3. Do not eat food purchased prior to beginning the challenge.
    4. Eat as healthy as possible. Those living on SNAP allocations do not have the opportunity to make up for missed nutrition next week.
    5. It helps to plan out your menu before going to the store so you purchase ingredients that can be used more than once.
  2. Donate the additional money you would have spent on food during that time to the Durham CROP Hunger Walk where 100% of the money raised goes to hunger-fighting agencies locally and around the world.
    1. If you cheated (which many of us do), be sure to reflect that in your donation and personally reflect on the fact that SNAP recipients do not have that option – it is all day, every day for them.
  3. Share your experiences:
    1. During the challenge involve your friends and family – challenge them! Do an online diary showing your grocery receipt, meals, etc. and share what you are experiencing and learning.
    2. After you are done, post your lessons and then challenge two people you would like to take the challenge to sign up.
    3. If you would like assistance with creating a video, please email

Use #EndHungerNow and #ENDHungerGames when you share SNAP Challenge posts online.



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Tips from the USDA for eating on a budget.



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